Course objective

Acquiring knowledge and skills in launching and taking charge of life boat, life raft or rescue boat in energency situation, according to minimum requirements of standard А‑VI/2-1 of STCW Code.

Taking charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launch

  • Construction and outfit of survival craft and rescue boats and individual items of their equipment
  • Particular characteristics and facilities of survival craft and rescue boats
  • Various types of device used for launching survival craft and rescue boats
  • Methods of launching survival craft into a rough sea
  • Methods of recovering survival craft
  • Action to be taken after leaving the ship
  • Methods of launching and recovering rescue boats in a rough sea
  • Dangers associated with use of on-load release devices
  • Knowledge of maintenance procedures

Operation a survival craft engine

  • Methods of starting and operating a survival craft engine and its accessories together with the use of the fire extinguisher provided

Managing survivors and survival craft after abandoning ship

  • Handling survival craft in rough weather
  • Use of painter, sea-anchor and all other equipment
  • Apportionment of food and water in survival craft
  • Action taken to maximize detectability and location of survival craft
  • Method of helicopter rescue
  • Effects of hypothermia and its prevention; use of protective covers and garments, including immersion suits and thermal protective aids
  • Use of rescue boats and motor lifeboats for marshalling liferafts and rescue of survivors and persons in the sea
  • Beaching survival craft

Use locating devices, including communication and signalling apparatus and pyrotechnics

  • Radio life-saving appliances carried in survival craft, including satellite EPIRBs and SARTs
  • Pyrotechnic distress signals

Applying first aid to survivors

  • Use of the first-aid kit and resuscitation techniques
  • Management of injured persons, including control of bleeding and shock

* Documentary evidence of successful passing the “Safety Familiarization, Basic Training And Instruction For All Seafarers” training course, which corresponds to requirements of standard A-VI/1 of STCW Convention

Certification Maritime Administration of Ukraine

Course level


Teaching language

Ukrainian, russian, english

Course duration

4 working days (primary training)

Number of participants

maximum 18

Entry requirements

Course is intended for all seafarers

Required documents

  • Sailor’s passport
  • Ukrainian passport
  • Identification code
  • Photo 3,5×4,5 (black tie, white shirt)
  • Previous certificate (if any)

Certificate availability “Safety Familiarization, Basic Training And Instruction For All Seafarers”*

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